Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jolly Muttrimony !

It was a night of exhibitions and awards that ended with the puptials (nuptials) of the year at the Pre-Westminster Fashion and Awards show of 2011. Let start with the decorations. An incredible flower altar uniquely made for the bride and groom by designer-celebrity-extraordinaire Jorge Cazzorla. (see his exhibition from march 27 to march 29 at Macy's Herald Square).
Then we had the most delicious wedding cake and cupcake arrangements by Lucy's Cupcakes.

Exchange of charms courtesy of Neri Jewels, NYC celebrity Chihuahua-Eli with his TV reality show doggie mom Karen Biehl as ordain minister ,Celebrity Magician Matt Wayne as Usher and as  Master of Ceremonies,celebrity advocate Maria Milito
Matt Wayne, Karen Biehl, Eli and on the mic Maria Milito

The k-9 bridal court, bride and groom were neatly dressed by yours trully ( Ada Nieves ) in lavender tones, which is the bride's favorite color and the couple walked the runway after the ceremony with melodies of At Last by Beyonce. chosen by the groom for his bride. For the loving pups a gift of one year Dog food supplies by Natural Balance Pet Foods and Photos by

To say this event was magical and heart touching would be an understatement. The puptials represent the bonding between humane and canine. It is for fun purposes only, both owners advocate for the spay-neuter of pets.To the owners,Blanche Montgomery and Michelle Brislin, is a confirmation of eternal friendship through the love of their dogs, in this case Chihuahuas. May their love and friendship last forever!
 Let me introduce the court:

 Groom - Ch Morgans Small Town Scandal aka GoGo, Owner Michelle Brislin
Bride - Envi's Walking on Sunshine aka Scarlet, Owner Blanche Montgomery

Best Dog - Boots, Owner Nichole Hoffman
Bitch of Honor - CH Rafina Leather N Lace, Owner Janie Ohalloran
Groom's Dog - Manny, Owner Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder Nikki Figular
Charm Bearers - Portia and Rosie, Owner TV reality show Doggie Mom,Grace Forster
Flower Girls - Cubby and Ginger, Owner TV reality show Doggie Mom Erika Searl
Bridesmaids - Misty, Owner TV reality show Doggie Mom Ashley Speranza
                      Sally Sue, Owner Tv reality show Doggie Mom Leslie Hughes


Saturday, March 12, 2011

The project of sewing

March 12th - journal 12

I am finding that writting every single day is not as easy as it sounds. Let me update you as what have been doing for the last 3 days. Besides been a mom to my chihuahuas (where cleaning takes a big chunk of time) Have been sewing dog outfits.

Sewing...such a simple word. But let's explore what this entitles.

First, you need to gather materials. Fabric, threads, sewing machine or needles if brave enough to do by hand,  good pair of scissors, a thimble, pins, measuring tape, good imagination or a good dog outfit pattern.

At first hand, still simple right? Let's start ....

1. Fabric - what fabric should you choose? what colors ?
2. Threads - How can i choose the right quality thread?this can affect the sewing machine functionality
3. Sewing Machines - There are hundred's of styles in the market. Which is the best for ME?
4. Needles - How do i know the style and size needed for my project? not forgetting to choose if by hand or for the sewing machine.
5. Scissors - So many styles, purposes and sizes. what are the differences? do i need them all?
6. Thimbles - Do you know people have collections of these?
7. Pins - again, short? long? straight? dress makers? safety? crafts? do not forget the cushion pin that comes in as many theme or designs as imagination turns!
8. Measuring tools -  Have seen lately theme ones that can turn this into another collection.
9. Dog outfit patterns - Simplicity have some good ones ( my Vanilla, Tabasco and the late Cinnabon have model previously) But then, which design are you brave enough to part take?
10. Your imagination - This is priceless ! Is all You ! do you have designing instincts? Good news, most of us do. You know what fits best your dog, what they need, how you would like it to look....this are some quailities to use when it comes to designing. But, where to start?

So you see, each one of these requires desicions to be make. Once this are in order, then you go shopping. This is a fun part that if not cautios you can end up spending more than needed.Once you get all you need, the real fun starts...the sewing.

The whole task can take about a week considering you have other things to do. But, if like me ( were like to have pieces of fabric around all the time ) can mean a day or two or three... :)

and this is what such a simple word ( sewing ) means ...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dreams do come true

Journal day 11 March 7th 2011

Have you ever had a "Deja Vu"moment were would like for some one to come "pinch you" to see if you are not dreaming? This has been me all day!

First got to meet with Cesar Millan in the morning, on a one on one "interview" about advise on, how to choose a pet, the psychology of dog behavior and his new venture as a Swiffer partner. Let me just say, this was surreal for me. The whole weekend played in my mind the scenario and can show you notes of what wanted to ask a man that can take the credit of been the most known dog trainer of the world. However, the moment was in front of him my mind went blank. Yes, i was a stray dog and needed leadership! ( i am not going to play the experienced interviewer...cause I AM NOT! )
It did not took much for him to notice i was lost and with his calm-assertive self, he lead the way.

Waiting to meet with Cesar
In retrospective, what you see on his tv show, thats the real him. Charismatic, charming and focus. Have read that the eyes are the windows of our soul. When i looked straight to his face and to his brown eyes, can see the passion and sincerity of what he speaks. This is a man that has made his way through hard work, do not take things for granted and his biggest satisfaction is to know he helps!

By the time the interview was ending, we were even joking. Showing another sign of humility and that he is after all a human being, like you & me.( just with a bigger job! LOL )The interview will be posted soon in the online radio show. Ill keep you posted.

And continuing with my please, "Pinch Me" day, in the afternoon had to take Ralph Lauren's new doggie model to work. Yes, my Margarita or as we lovingly call, Maggie, had her first official RL fitting. This is nothing new for me, but it is for my girl. For the last 3 years , every month, mi corazon (my heart) Tequila Bon
was their xsmall model. Sadly we lost him this past november due to a seizure. It took me a while to be able to get things on track again. Maggie and Mojito (my other boy) both competed against each other for the position. They were tested, measured and photographed. At the end the position was for only one dog and Maggie won for an inch, literally.
Margarita after trying on doggie clothes at Ralph Lauren Showroom
So you see my friends, at times feels i am living a dream thanks to simply loving my dogs and YOURS.

By the way, do not pinch like my dream :)

Ada Nieves
...the dreamer.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

It does not take much to help

A friend recently remind me that it doesnt take much to help. Sometimes get caught up on things, wanting to do a notable diference that forget is the little things that count. For this reason decided to invite our NYC CHihuahua Meetup members to get together at Animal Haven's Shelter puppy play date in Soho.

What can be better for a saturday afternoon than get together with friends and help raise funds for the shelter?
After seen the happy chis socializing and playing for one hour,not only with their own but with other furry dogs, do not think would have done anything better. As a group we donated a little more of $200 and individually we got to kiss , see ,play and have fun with all the chis. The only down part, time went too quick. Before we knew it, we were kicked out because they needed the room for classes.

It wasn't a busy Saturday for me, would even say not out of the ordinary. But when really think of it, to know those funds can help save a pet, then have to say that yesterday is one of the most productive. (of course have to thank our NYC chi members for been so supportive of this crazy old woman! )

Going back to our beginnings,to help will not take a village. As individuals we can help in many ways.
 For example, if you know a senior or a person with disabilities that have pets - you can donate food for them or volunteer services for a day. ( their pets might need a good bath, this is no rocket science to do ! ). Another help can come as simple as spreading education about nyc pet licenses-poop and leash laws, dog parks available around the city or if know of anyone who wants to adopt a pet , direct them to our city rescues and shelters. You get my point? Help sometimes is simpler than we think.

Together we are building the best pet community in USA ...probably even the world!
( i like to think big- hahaha ) By helping each other we can also minimize animals that can be released just for a circumstance were help could be so simple.

Now, for some of my favorite rescues :
(*) Sean Casey Animal Rescue
(*) Inky Blue Seas Animal Rescue
(*) Waggytail Chihuahua Rescue
(*)Animal Haven Shelter

to donate food email me to
collections of pet food are needed right now for one of the rescue groups.

On the Fun side, here is a video taken at AH puppy Play Date

Friday, March 4, 2011

Don't feed the dog your cake

Journal day 8

One of my favorites things to do is baking and cake decorating. Started doing this for children and as my involvement in dogs grew, so did my attention for dog cooking in the kitchen. ( if you do not beleive me, ask Edgar! )Luckily for him, today needed to make 30 cupcakes and one mini cake for a family member ( he got to have coffee with a cupcake, Hurray! ).

This took me all day to prepare, but all along was having a lot of fun. Let me share the diferences between human and dog cakes.

1. While dog cakes can be make out of ingredients in your pantry, the taste is blend.
2. Human cake contain ingredients that can be upsetting to your dogs metabolism, like all purpose  
    flour,shortening and sugar.
3. Dog cakes have to be introduced slowly -small pieces - to avoid pancreatis or bloat
4. Dog cakes cannot be found in your regular bakery. Usually they are bake to order in a Barkery.
5. Human bakery registers with the health department while dog bakery registers with USDA.
6. Dog cakes must have a guaranteed analysis while human cakes required only a list of ingredients.

If you find yourself in a dilema for a quick dog cake, use the regular wet dog food and place into
a mold to hold it's shape. leave in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Unmold in a nice serving plate for the pups and serve.

and what about my human cupcakes today? well, they came out great! Just hope they taste good too!
Here is a picture:

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Day 8 of my journals

Today is bath time for my chihuahuas and counted 16 bottles of pet shampoos in the bathroom. Have the regular shampoos you can find in a Kmart store for fleas and ticks, Others that are prescribed-medicated for sensitive skin, organic shampoos, Specific shampoos for colors, celebrity endorsement shampoos and so on...

Some of them smell very strong-like medicine. But for some reason, this is an item that keep getting.
Between us , my absolute favorite is The Royal Treatment for its fragrance and foamy lathering ( plus the bottle says is organic - even do not understand how that can be!).
However, have to admitt a curiosity to know if other pet owners have the same issue. Do you walk the isles of a pet store finding yourself in the shampoo section and go read all of them to see which one is best? How do you choose?Is it  a pet shampoo to luster their coat? to protect against insects? or simply to smell good?

For me it is the end, all i want is to have my chis clean and smell good. Think any shampoo can do, right? 

Please share your "shampoo" experiences. Maybe we can figure this out together. Or if you have shampoo suggestions, maybe can try them :)

However, at the end, is all about keeping my chihuahuas ..and cat!...clean.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscar's gone to the dogs ...Again!

 Ada Nieves Dog versions of the gowns feature on the Red Carpet Sunday Night.
Yes, this is what have been doing ALL DAY! enjoy :)
Tabasco channeling Ann Hathaway ...
hey if James Franco can be Marilyn Monroe...Tabasco can be Anne:)
With all fun intended, there is also a seriousness on what trying to do...
This is LillyBeth , a rescue been foster at the Chihuahua Nieves home.
She hopes to find a loving home after many see how pretty she looks in a
Penelope Cruz replica of her gown. LillyBeth comes from a PA amish puppy mill
were she was bred and lived in a cage. She deserves her special home and family to love.
Even that she gets along great with other pets , we prefer a home were she will rule on her own.
At only 10 years of age, she can bring lots of unconditional love for another 7 to 8 years.
Way to go Penelope! Im sure you never thought how much you help just by looking good!
Deserves an Oscar!
Of course my Queen, vanilla cant be left out. Been a more classic Bitch , she went for
Reese Witherspoon. Dont you think they have the same smile? Ill let you be judge of that! 
Check our You Tub Video on The Oscar replicas 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vida Doggie Journals from Ada

Journal day 5 Tuesday March 1, 2011

Wow! this is harder than thought would be.

First, make the decision to move my writtings to Vida Doggie. It makes sense, here is all about life with dogs.
Second, have to time myself to schedule sitting in front of the computer to share what truthfully do in a day and Third, hope is interesting enough were you get something positive or learn from it.

Monday was a bit hectic. Have been asigned a gown from the Oscars to copy for a tv show. Plus, if you know me, one will not cut it...i need to make more! So , with printed pictures of my favorites on hand, I take a cab under the rain to go to my favorite fabric store in NYC. There, my good friend "jose" helps me go from piles of fabric to rolls of ribbons or accesories to find the needed materials for me to create copies of the masterpieces walked on the red carpet sunday night.

By the way, did you see it? have any favorites? what was Helena Bonham thinking in that black medieval-vampiristic dress? Have to give kudos to Sharon Stone and Marisa Tomei for their styles and for kicking butts, looking better than many younger stars there. Reese Witherspoon a stunning star, Mila Kunis is one, if not the best dressed, in my eyes.

Well , Got my fabric on monday thanks to the help of mi amigo "jose" and been sewing since.

The replica you will see friday on Tv is my version of Ann Hathaway's Red Valentino dress. This piece, of course stunning,have huge roses on the side made out of fabric. Been a perfectionist and wanting to do something similar or if possible better, started searching on " DIY Fabric Flowers" watching You Tube for hours on instructional videos. Neitherless to say, my beautiful version of Valentino's gown for dogs have the most beautiful flowers i have ever made!

Today Tuesday, my day is gone again sewing the replicas of my own choice. Im exhausted, but still have a long way to go before all the pieces are finish. My fingers are pricked with the needles for so much hand sewing...yes, it hurts! But i know it will be so much worth after all the dresses are finish.

besides, today received very exciting news :) that hope to share early next week. Any guess?