Sunday, March 6, 2011

It does not take much to help

A friend recently remind me that it doesnt take much to help. Sometimes get caught up on things, wanting to do a notable diference that forget is the little things that count. For this reason decided to invite our NYC CHihuahua Meetup members to get together at Animal Haven's Shelter puppy play date in Soho.

What can be better for a saturday afternoon than get together with friends and help raise funds for the shelter?
After seen the happy chis socializing and playing for one hour,not only with their own but with other furry dogs, do not think would have done anything better. As a group we donated a little more of $200 and individually we got to kiss , see ,play and have fun with all the chis. The only down part, time went too quick. Before we knew it, we were kicked out because they needed the room for classes.

It wasn't a busy Saturday for me, would even say not out of the ordinary. But when really think of it, to know those funds can help save a pet, then have to say that yesterday is one of the most productive. (of course have to thank our NYC chi members for been so supportive of this crazy old woman! )

Going back to our beginnings,to help will not take a village. As individuals we can help in many ways.
 For example, if you know a senior or a person with disabilities that have pets - you can donate food for them or volunteer services for a day. ( their pets might need a good bath, this is no rocket science to do ! ). Another help can come as simple as spreading education about nyc pet licenses-poop and leash laws, dog parks available around the city or if know of anyone who wants to adopt a pet , direct them to our city rescues and shelters. You get my point? Help sometimes is simpler than we think.

Together we are building the best pet community in USA ...probably even the world!
( i like to think big- hahaha ) By helping each other we can also minimize animals that can be released just for a circumstance were help could be so simple.

Now, for some of my favorite rescues :
(*) Sean Casey Animal Rescue
(*) Inky Blue Seas Animal Rescue
(*) Waggytail Chihuahua Rescue
(*)Animal Haven Shelter

to donate food email me to
collections of pet food are needed right now for one of the rescue groups.

On the Fun side, here is a video taken at AH puppy Play Date

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