Friday, March 4, 2011

Don't feed the dog your cake

Journal day 8

One of my favorites things to do is baking and cake decorating. Started doing this for children and as my involvement in dogs grew, so did my attention for dog cooking in the kitchen. ( if you do not beleive me, ask Edgar! )Luckily for him, today needed to make 30 cupcakes and one mini cake for a family member ( he got to have coffee with a cupcake, Hurray! ).

This took me all day to prepare, but all along was having a lot of fun. Let me share the diferences between human and dog cakes.

1. While dog cakes can be make out of ingredients in your pantry, the taste is blend.
2. Human cake contain ingredients that can be upsetting to your dogs metabolism, like all purpose  
    flour,shortening and sugar.
3. Dog cakes have to be introduced slowly -small pieces - to avoid pancreatis or bloat
4. Dog cakes cannot be found in your regular bakery. Usually they are bake to order in a Barkery.
5. Human bakery registers with the health department while dog bakery registers with USDA.
6. Dog cakes must have a guaranteed analysis while human cakes required only a list of ingredients.

If you find yourself in a dilema for a quick dog cake, use the regular wet dog food and place into
a mold to hold it's shape. leave in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Unmold in a nice serving plate for the pups and serve.

and what about my human cupcakes today? well, they came out great! Just hope they taste good too!
Here is a picture:

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