Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscar's gone to the dogs ...Again!

 Ada Nieves Dog versions of the gowns feature on the Red Carpet Sunday Night.
Yes, this is what have been doing ALL DAY! enjoy :)
Tabasco channeling Ann Hathaway ...
hey if James Franco can be Marilyn Monroe...Tabasco can be Anne:)
With all fun intended, there is also a seriousness on what trying to do...
This is LillyBeth , a rescue been foster at the Chihuahua Nieves home.
She hopes to find a loving home after many see how pretty she looks in a
Penelope Cruz replica of her gown. LillyBeth comes from a PA amish puppy mill
were she was bred and lived in a cage. She deserves her special home and family to love.
Even that she gets along great with other pets , we prefer a home were she will rule on her own.
At only 10 years of age, she can bring lots of unconditional love for another 7 to 8 years.
Way to go Penelope! Im sure you never thought how much you help just by looking good!
Deserves an Oscar!
Of course my Queen, vanilla cant be left out. Been a more classic Bitch , she went for
Reese Witherspoon. Dont you think they have the same smile? Ill let you be judge of that! 
Check our You Tub Video on The Oscar replicas