Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dreams do come true

Journal day 11 March 7th 2011

Have you ever had a "Deja Vu"moment were would like for some one to come "pinch you" to see if you are not dreaming? This has been me all day!

First got to meet with Cesar Millan in the morning, on a one on one "interview" about advise on, how to choose a pet, the psychology of dog behavior and his new venture as a Swiffer partner. Let me just say, this was surreal for me. The whole weekend played in my mind the scenario and can show you notes of what wanted to ask a man that can take the credit of been the most known dog trainer of the world. However, the moment was in front of him my mind went blank. Yes, i was a stray dog and needed leadership! ( i am not going to play the experienced interviewer...cause I AM NOT! )
It did not took much for him to notice i was lost and with his calm-assertive self, he lead the way.

Waiting to meet with Cesar
In retrospective, what you see on his tv show, thats the real him. Charismatic, charming and focus. Have read that the eyes are the windows of our soul. When i looked straight to his face and to his brown eyes, can see the passion and sincerity of what he speaks. This is a man that has made his way through hard work, do not take things for granted and his biggest satisfaction is to know he helps!

By the time the interview was ending, we were even joking. Showing another sign of humility and that he is after all a human being, like you & me.( just with a bigger job! LOL )The interview will be posted soon in the online radio show. Ill keep you posted.

And continuing with my please, "Pinch Me" day, in the afternoon had to take Ralph Lauren's new doggie model to work. Yes, my Margarita or as we lovingly call, Maggie, had her first official RL fitting. This is nothing new for me, but it is for my girl. For the last 3 years , every month, mi corazon (my heart) Tequila Bon
was their xsmall model. Sadly we lost him this past november due to a seizure. It took me a while to be able to get things on track again. Maggie and Mojito (my other boy) both competed against each other for the position. They were tested, measured and photographed. At the end the position was for only one dog and Maggie won for an inch, literally.
Margarita after trying on doggie clothes at Ralph Lauren Showroom
So you see my friends, at times feels i am living a dream thanks to simply loving my dogs and YOURS.

By the way, do not pinch me...do like my dream :)

Ada Nieves
...the dreamer.

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  1. Wow..you are so lucky to actually meet with Cesar and speak with him. Your Maggie is a sweet little furbie.