Saturday, March 12, 2011

The project of sewing

March 12th - journal 12

I am finding that writting every single day is not as easy as it sounds. Let me update you as what have been doing for the last 3 days. Besides been a mom to my chihuahuas (where cleaning takes a big chunk of time) Have been sewing dog outfits.

Sewing...such a simple word. But let's explore what this entitles.

First, you need to gather materials. Fabric, threads, sewing machine or needles if brave enough to do by hand,  good pair of scissors, a thimble, pins, measuring tape, good imagination or a good dog outfit pattern.

At first hand, still simple right? Let's start ....

1. Fabric - what fabric should you choose? what colors ?
2. Threads - How can i choose the right quality thread?this can affect the sewing machine functionality
3. Sewing Machines - There are hundred's of styles in the market. Which is the best for ME?
4. Needles - How do i know the style and size needed for my project? not forgetting to choose if by hand or for the sewing machine.
5. Scissors - So many styles, purposes and sizes. what are the differences? do i need them all?
6. Thimbles - Do you know people have collections of these?
7. Pins - again, short? long? straight? dress makers? safety? crafts? do not forget the cushion pin that comes in as many theme or designs as imagination turns!
8. Measuring tools -  Have seen lately theme ones that can turn this into another collection.
9. Dog outfit patterns - Simplicity have some good ones ( my Vanilla, Tabasco and the late Cinnabon have model previously) But then, which design are you brave enough to part take?
10. Your imagination - This is priceless ! Is all You ! do you have designing instincts? Good news, most of us do. You know what fits best your dog, what they need, how you would like it to look....this are some quailities to use when it comes to designing. But, where to start?

So you see, each one of these requires desicions to be make. Once this are in order, then you go shopping. This is a fun part that if not cautios you can end up spending more than needed.Once you get all you need, the real fun starts...the sewing.

The whole task can take about a week considering you have other things to do. But, if like me ( were like to have pieces of fabric around all the time ) can mean a day or two or three... :)

and this is what such a simple word ( sewing ) means ...


  1. Ada, you are so talented! They are gorgeous!

  2. Love the little pink sundresses and the bunny easter dress is so sweet. I believe you are the designer that made a wedding gown for my dear friend Dianne Lynne's Bonnie. It is beyond beautiful.

  3. cant wait to try.. I really would love to sew..