Thursday, March 3, 2011


Day 8 of my journals

Today is bath time for my chihuahuas and counted 16 bottles of pet shampoos in the bathroom. Have the regular shampoos you can find in a Kmart store for fleas and ticks, Others that are prescribed-medicated for sensitive skin, organic shampoos, Specific shampoos for colors, celebrity endorsement shampoos and so on...

Some of them smell very strong-like medicine. But for some reason, this is an item that keep getting.
Between us , my absolute favorite is The Royal Treatment for its fragrance and foamy lathering ( plus the bottle says is organic - even do not understand how that can be!).
However, have to admitt a curiosity to know if other pet owners have the same issue. Do you walk the isles of a pet store finding yourself in the shampoo section and go read all of them to see which one is best? How do you choose?Is it  a pet shampoo to luster their coat? to protect against insects? or simply to smell good?

For me it is the end, all i want is to have my chis clean and smell good. Think any shampoo can do, right? 

Please share your "shampoo" experiences. Maybe we can figure this out together. Or if you have shampoo suggestions, maybe can try them :)

However, at the end, is all about keeping my chihuahuas ..and cat!...clean.


  1. We love the "Les Poochs" ..its fab!

  2. have heard of les to try it.

  3. first signs of fleas I use blue Dawn dish detergent ONCE. kills them in a flash. Then follow through with their flea regiment. I also use white Au Lait Milk Bath Pet Shampoo love it makes coats nice n soft.

  4. Blue Dawn dish detergent? that is interesting!thank you for the tips!