Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vida Doggie Journals from Ada

Journal day 5 Tuesday March 1, 2011

Wow! this is harder than thought would be.

First, make the decision to move my writtings to Vida Doggie. It makes sense, here is all about life with dogs.
Second, have to time myself to schedule sitting in front of the computer to share what truthfully do in a day and Third, hope is interesting enough were you get something positive or learn from it.

Monday was a bit hectic. Have been asigned a gown from the Oscars to copy for a tv show. Plus, if you know me, one will not cut it...i need to make more! So , with printed pictures of my favorites on hand, I take a cab under the rain to go to my favorite fabric store in NYC. There, my good friend "jose" helps me go from piles of fabric to rolls of ribbons or accesories to find the needed materials for me to create copies of the masterpieces walked on the red carpet sunday night.

By the way, did you see it? have any favorites? what was Helena Bonham thinking in that black medieval-vampiristic dress? Have to give kudos to Sharon Stone and Marisa Tomei for their styles and for kicking butts, looking better than many younger stars there. Reese Witherspoon a stunning star, Mila Kunis is one, if not the best dressed, in my eyes.

Well , Got my fabric on monday thanks to the help of mi amigo "jose" and been sewing since.

The replica you will see friday on Tv is my version of Ann Hathaway's Red Valentino dress. This piece, of course stunning,have huge roses on the side made out of fabric. Been a perfectionist and wanting to do something similar or if possible better, started searching on " DIY Fabric Flowers" watching You Tube for hours on instructional videos. Neitherless to say, my beautiful version of Valentino's gown for dogs have the most beautiful flowers i have ever made!

Today Tuesday, my day is gone again sewing the replicas of my own choice. Im exhausted, but still have a long way to go before all the pieces are finish. My fingers are pricked with the needles for so much hand sewing...yes, it hurts! But i know it will be so much worth after all the dresses are finish.

besides, today received very exciting news :) that hope to share early next week. Any guess?


  1. beautiful margarita and beautiful dress!

  2. lol Thats Tabasco beautiful dress Ada

  3. Ada, you are spot on - LOVE how you channeled Anne's dress here!